Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Decision Medicine

Several years ago SJMS member Dr. Kwabena Adubofour found himself frustrated by the fact that there was a significant shortage of African-American, Hispanic, Hmong and Cambodian physicians practicing in the Central Valley and he also discovered that there were even fewer in the pipeline with any interest in practicing in the Valley upon graduation from residency. When he began asking his own patients children why they were not interested in pursuing a career in medicine - the answers forced him into action. He was repeatedly told that no one encouraged them to pursue those dreams and many believed that the world of medicine was exclusively for white males. Thus Decision Medicine was born with the intent to expose hard-working high school students to the field of medicine and to provide them life-long physician mentors who would provide encouragement along the journey.

Decision Medicine has alumni attending medical schools throughout the country and will soon have several completing their residencies and entering the field of medicine – even though they were told it couldn’t happen!

Visit our Decision Medicine Website to learn more about this exciting program


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