Key Contact Program

An association can only be effective in the legislative and regulatory arena if its members are active, involved participants in the process. Even the most professionally run, well-funded, and fully supported government affairs program is doomed to fail if its membership does not fully understand how valuable their involvement is. The fact is, many members believe that advocacy is something SJMS does for them, rather than something that SJMS does with them.

One of the best ways members can make their involvement count is by maintaining constant communication with legislators at the Regional District level. To this end, SJMS has created the Key Contact Program, which is an organized way of helping members become active, involved participants in their very own communities. Here's what you need to know:

For more information on becoming a Key Contact, email Mike Steenburgh, SJMS Executive director, or call Mike at (209) 952-5299.

The General Responsibilities of a Key Contact

  • Develop personal relationships of trust and respect with elected officials.
  • Establish sound two-way communication with a legislator.
  • Keep the legislator fully informed on SJMS activities and priorities.
  • Maintain good communication with the lawmaker's staff.
  • Report to the appropriate SJMS contact so that results can be passed on to SJMS Board of Directors.
  • Lives or practices in the legislator's district.
  • Maintains a personal relationship with the legislator