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Legal Help

CMA On-Call

The CMA has a wealth of information on legal, practice management and clinical issues, readily available to you and your staff. Members have FREE access to CMA On-Call, a repository of thousands of pages of up-to-date medical, legal, regulatory and reimbursement guidance.

Billing Assistance

Institution for Medical Quality

The CMA's Institute for Medical Quality provides a continuing medical education tracking service, which certifies physicians' CME activity for credentialing purposes with the Medical Board of California, as well as hospitals, health plans, specialty societies and others. (800) 786-4CMA

Education Resources

Physicians' Confidential Line

The Physicians' Confidential Line is a 24-hour phone service that provides support to physicians with alcohol/chemical dependency or mental/behavioral problems. This service is completely confidential and will not result in any form of disciplinary action or referral to any disciplinary body. (213) 383-2691

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